High-automation system of booking and payment of services sold online

WayPass is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that independently performs and assists the customer in the online purchase process from the estimate to the post-sales review of the service

Self-built dynamic estimates by the customer in real-time. The customer can fill out, print, compare and evaluate more estimates choosing the most suitable solution to own needs in freedom and autonomy

AI Expert System which automatically calculates the conveniences and critical points of the estimate selected by the customer (screen and downloadable report)

Intelligent booking with digital assistant for availability, calendar, agenda, waiting lists, urgencies, critical cases. Pre-compiled automatically booking form

Multi-system online payment

Automatic compilation of the contract and of any technical documents associated with the type of service provided

Automatic confirmation of performance and multi-channel confirmation to all the actors involved in the service

Register of provided services
Register of reviews and opinions
Automatic update of the customer sheet and of the professional / company sheet providing the service