Text Mining
as a service

Classification of documents – Extracting relevant information
Evaluation and synthesis of information – Report of discoveries and knowledge


time, a lot of time spared
ability to deal with big research
discover things buried by a sea of words

Text mining as a service

extraction of value-added information from texts
natural language processing
automatic extraction of knowledge from text
discovery of unknown information
automatic review of a large amount of content very quickly executed
facilitating the archiving process
building of a logical map of knowledge

Some applications

smart archiving
scientific research
professional upgrading
technological upgrading
making connections and drawing conclusions
biomedical information overload
monitoring the advertising of products
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
customer segmentation
analysis of associations (Basket Analysis)
analysis of the public mood
global emotional state positivity / negativity
sentiment words sentiment polarity
customer opinion survey
qualitative/ quantitative surveys
sentiment analysis
opinion mining
chatbot with fast and automatic response