SHOVEL Collection of data and information from the web

Shovel is a bot that surfs the web and automatically reads, analyses and saves data contents and information of interest
The data collection service covers the available and publicly accessible data (open data, websites, social media, online archives). The service also includes data analysis according to the requirements of the customer

How does it work

The list of data of interest is defined
Raw data collected are stored and processed to use them in subsequent analyses
Data and information of interest are extracted and analysed
The results of the analyses are summarized in a report
Data and results are stored and can be exported to many formats

Some applications

Finding offers and prices, customizing suggestions
Knowing who are your customers (target profiling)
Evaluation and profiling of suppliers
Monitoring of customers and competition
Data analysis of marketing campaigns
Programming of posts and marketing actions
Exploring social media and competitive benchmarking
Database for scientific and socio-economic research