Expert Systems

The “thinking” part of Artificial Intelligence
They are able to carry out complex operations autonomously, perform logical reasoning and make decisions


Knowledge: collecting the knowledge from experts that ES must apply (data, information, thresholds, rules, reasoning, procedural sequences, etc.)
We transform “knowledge” into algorithms and make them self-executing, all managed by a user interface


Diagnosis Expert Systems
Expert Systems applying interpretative and assessment models mainly used in the field of decisions
Expert Systems for control (system status verification, launch and execution of commands)

Some applications

Diagnosing faults and malfunctions
Predictive maintenance
Predicting the consequences of a project, idea, process, innovation
Planning locations of resources, plants, workloads
Monitoring of system, platform, process
Problem Solving, assessment of options and choice of the best alternative
Management of autonomous machinery (drones, robots, chatbot, car)