Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

High automation systems of actions and processes with high volumes of repetitive activities
They are intelligent software applications that precisely reproduce the planned actions. They bring simplification, comfort and wellness

How does it work

It carries out useful tasks 24 hours a day at low cost
It is trained to perform repetitive actions
It is tested, configured and proven
It can be self-executing or controlled by the operator
The robot is controlled by a log intelligent system
No modification of processes and equipment
Low time and costs of development and implementation

Some applications

Moving or copying data from different systems
Launching controls and commands
Classifying and sorting documents
Automatically checking the cash accounting
Automatic reorganisation of items or supplies
Automatic compilation of documents
Compilation of estimates, orders and contracts
Automatic control, invoices reconciliation with order and goods entry
Management of front office activities
Controls, checks, mail sorting


Improvement of business performance
Reorganising retail, reduction from 2 days to 1h
Booking time, reduction from 9h to 1h
Automatic classification of documents, from days to hours
Wide reduction of the error rate
Cost reduction of 60% -90%
Very high potential return on investment