About Us

Passion beyond the task

The Coordinator
The Coordinator

Dr Francesca Cestaro, creator and coordinator of the Numeraway team. Analyst and programmer for over 20 years, she ranges from the design and implementation of web platforms to artificial intelligence, from scientific computing to the elaboration of protocols and procedures. Careful organizer, she always aims at a detailed planning of project tasks. Active in life, she loves traditional parties and true relationships.

Her motto: “Set goals, overcome problems and achieve results”.

The Reliable
The Reliable

Dr Andrea Veronese, business consultant investing in innovation. Expert in business management, fintech, trading and bitcoin. As expert of the markets and financial engineering techniques, he analyses the future of innovations and monitors the opportunities generated by research and development activities. Careful observer and silent optimistic, he has developed great skills as a negotiator and problem solving, showing great abilities as a financial director of the digital age.

His motto: “An innovation is negative only for those who just stand and watch it”.

The Manager
The Manager

Dr Marco Montanari, the old expert who since 1986 has experienced the whole evolution of HW and programming languages. Expert of many topics: Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, scientific computing, big data, smart contract-blockchain, innovation manager, project designer, problem solving, euro-project manager, ISO consultant, contract professor, Master teacher. Sound, generous and wise, he cultivates good “fun” for discovery, knowledge of things and problem solving.

His motto: “The beauty of collective successes”.

The Team
The Team

Large team of developer analysts composed of: collaborators, freelancers, sector experts, assistants, colleagues and professionals. These “knowledge resources” were selected based on necessary skills, the ability to work and to close commitments successfully, and continuous self-training. A bit of sympathy in team-working is not refused.

The collective mottos vary: “Work with passion, competence, speed and reliability”; “Interpretative, evaluative and decisional creativity”; “I don’t know why but I like this”.

Effects of our operations

  • + knowledge – confusion = solutions to critical issues
  • + forecast / automation – uncertainty / time / losses = better sales performance
  • + automation – manual transfers of information = reduction of management costs
  • + estimates and forecasts – uncertainty about the future = increase in positive investments
  • – internet + cabernet = immediate improvement in the quality of life

Team Skills

Creative and clever in problem solving
Strict in processing and testing
Open, communicative and respectful of work and human relationships
Used to work under a quality, reliability and confidentiality system – a lot of confidentiality

How we operate

The Team operates without requiring substantial changes to the ongoing processes and activities

Understanding problems

We are very expert to know that a work is not just computing, algorithms and source code. The problem always lies in a context of previous decisions, emotional relational situations, behaviour of the actors in field. Thus, listening is to welcome and to resolve.

Promoting quality

Science of business organization
Making system to integrate culture, technology and science
Empowerment and involvement
Continuous training and improvement

Ease and safety

Ad hoc solutions for customer serenity and safety
Transparency and clarity in communications
Comfort, speed, customization and assistance
True, easy, immediate
Tests, trials, controls and inspections
Performance and KPI monitoring

Wellness and resources

Growing and making grow
Innovating at the right time
Anticipating the future as needed
Generating hypotheses and analysing future trends

Customer care means for us

Economic well-being
Personal satisfaction
Solidarity and safety in the future
Innovation and concreteness
Life quality


Pride for the work done
Carefulness in anticipating mistakes
Solidarity between operators
Reactivity in facing adversity