Our Services

We realize ICTech solutions with the following innovative technologies:

Artificial Intelligence models for companies

Chat Bot Digital Assistants

Expert Systems The “thinking” part of Artificial Intelligence

Profiling service

Intelligent ads and web pages

Do you have an idea or a project?

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Collection of data and information from the web

Text Mining as a service

High-automation system of booking and payment online

Online consultation with booking and payment

Artificial Intelligence services for Industria

Big Data: when volumes make the difference

Online consultation with booking and payment

Data Center. Data analysis and processing service

High automation for processes with high volumes of repetitive activities

Do you have a lot of data, do you want to enhance them?

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What we do

Audit and Testing

Outsourcing services
Temporary manager

What we

Ad hoc software solutions
Web solutions, web portal, platforms
B2B, B2C e-commerce solutions
Mobile Applications
Software design and development, database and automation and management systems
Decision support systems

Reports, guides and manuals
Feasibility study
Cost-benefit analysis
Functional analysis
Audit, trials and independent testing
Upgrading, restructuring and modernization of SW and HW systems